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    16/07/2021 - StratHealth Ltd 0 Comments
    The Emergence of Startups in the Healthcare Systems

    The continuous innovations in the health sector have a hand in revolutionising the quality of healthcare. Such innovations manifest in the emergence of a new company and their new technology that aims to improve healthcare and make it accessible for the growing human population. As diseases and illnesses are evolving and the number of people needing healthcare is increasing, it only makes sense for the medical industry to also catch up.

    In this article, let us further look into how the use of newer and growing medical companies can help the overall healthcare system, specifically the impact of digital transformation in the healthcare sector.

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    18/06/2021 - StratHealth Ltd 0 Comments
    Healthcare Strategists: What Do They Do?

    The healthcare landscape is in a never-ending transformation. Like any other strategists, health strategists play a pivotal role in this constant change. And yet, there is still a lot to know about their role and influence in the healthcare industry.

    You may have already heard about healthcare strategists. However, do you exactly have a concrete idea about what they do as professionals? That said, read on and let us delve deeper into the emerging role of healthcare strategists as catalysts of change in the health sector.

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    20/05/2021 - STRAT HEALTH LTD 0 Comments
    7 Ways on How Behavioural Modification Can Be Used in Medicine

    Medicine has come a long way; thanks to modern technology and innovations. In the past, some diseases and illnesses could hardly be treated or diagnosed correctly. This is due to a lack of access to information and the right tools. Times were tough at that time, and many people were dying early, which resulted in a shorter overall global lifespan.

    But now, things have changed -- a lot. Even ordinary people can immediately know an illness by researching its symptoms on the internet. We now have access to highly advanced tools that grant us the ability to find cures and treatments for various diseases. These same tools can also be used to gather information and learn more about unknown cases.

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    14/04/2021 - STRAT HEALTH LTD 0 Comments
    How AI Can Be Used in Healthcare

    While the concept of artificial intelligence (AI) may seem intimidating, if not dangerous, to some, there’s no denying that AI assists in every area of our lives, making things so much easier and more convenient. From self-driving cars and SIRI to mobile banking and fraud prevention, AI has been in use for quite a while now. Its applications are indeed far more common than one might imagine.

    It’s not just tech companies that are pioneering AI solutions. Today, governments and healthcare providers continuously test and invest in AI practices. In the medical industry, AI is revolutionising health treatments and care services.

    Continue reading to learn more about AI and its applications in the medical industry.

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    08/02/2021 - STRAT HEALTH LTD 0 Comments
    Learn How Technology Improves Healthcare Delivery

    As the delivery of healthcare ushers in more technology, you might find yourself wondering what the overall impact will be. With changes happening constantly, it’s easy to get muddled up and think that using physical data was simpler. However, once you fully understand how this technology helps, you’ll never go back to a pen and paper.

    In this blog, we’ll reference our experience and knowledge to show you how much of an asset technology can be.

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    18/12/2020 - STRAT HEALTH LTD 0 Comments
    Discover the Patient Benefits of the Latest Technology

    With so much technology available, it’s often difficult to decide which bits fit best with us, our lifestyles, and our jobs. Where in the past you had very few choices, the list now seems to be near enough endless. This is as true in offering your patients your services as it is in choosing your next computer, mobile phone, or speaker.

    Through this blog, we’ll explain how you can use technology to your advantage and how it can really benefit the people you work with.

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