Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Healthcare Strategist Do?

The goal of a healthcare strategist is to offer experience, knowledge, and guidance to organisations in the healthcare sector. Using the latest technology, a strategist pushes an organisation forward to provide improved healthcare delivery.

How Can a Healthcare Strategist Help Me?

If your organisation has found that it isn’t moving forward or that it’s at a crossroads, a healthcare strategist can help you take the next steps. By working alongside you, the strategist ensures that your organisation is fit for purpose in the spheres you operate in.

Which Areas Do Healthcare Strategists Work in?

Every organisation is different, but there are key areas in which a strategist works. Some of the areas that a strategist would work on are listed below:

- What Is the Purpose of the Organisation?
- What Technology Is Currently Being Employed?

- What Does the Structure and Culture of an Organisation Look Like?
- Who Is Responsible for Certain Parts of the Organisation?
- How Do We Overcome Barriers to Better Healthcare Delivery?

Which Organisations Can Benefit from Intervention?

Peter Ellis, the founder of Strat Health Ltd, primarily works in two areas: start-ups and government health sectors. These areas often need the guidance of an experienced professional and Peter uses his vast knowledge to improve the healthcare delivery that these organisations offer.

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